Welcome to Tomas Simkus Photography, the culmination of my lifelong obsession with capturing the perfect shot.

I am a world-class destination photographer, originally from Vilnius-Lithuania, based in Eastern Europe. I didn’t always know I would be a photographer—my degree is actually in economics—but I’ve loved photography since I was a child. So when the opportunity arose to follow my passions, I took the risk and have never looked back. I’m also the founder of 123PRESETS.com, a marketplace for visual material creators, which combines both my passion for art with my drive to build success for not only myself, but my artistic peers.

I have over six years of experience in wedding photography, with more than one hundred beautiful weddings under my belt. As a destination wedding photographer, I am available to help make your wedding and engagement shoot dreams come true. I’ve traveled all over the world and photographed happy couples from Portugal to Iceland, Greece to France, to the USA.

I understand how stressful any wedding can be. After all, this is your big day! The day you’ve been planning for months, that you’ve spent all kinds of money and time on. My job, as a professional, is to make sure that of all the things that can stress you out on that most memorable day, the photography is not one of them. I want your experience with me to be happy and fun with no stress to break the mood. After all, the best expressions are the ones that are most true. My work emphasizes natural smiles and sincere emotions to capture you and your loved ones at your most authentic. I’m not interested in forced, posed imagery but rather catching those magical moments that cannot be posed or manufactured. After all, that’s why you hire a photographer—so you can enjoy being in those moments without the stress of documenting them yourself.

The first step is to meet you and hear your story. How did your love story start? What were the important moments? The more I know about you, your values, and your hopes, the truer a portrait I can paint of your journey here. My style as a photographer is young and energetic. I want to capture the dynamic energy and emotion of a scene so that years and years from now, you can hold these photos in your hand and instantly be transported back to that magical day. And it isn’t just your love as a couple I want to portray, but the love and affection that surrounds you in the faces of your family and friends who have all worked just as hard to make your wedding magnificent.

The couples I have worked with have truly honored me by inviting me to the celebration of their love, and I am always humbled by their trust in me. I hope to meet you next, so we can begin planning the perfect way to document your perfect day.